The AgenShe Club is your place to learn how to do business that feels better—while still making bank.

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Expert advice & online marketing strategies have left you busy, burnt out, and feeling… well, blah.

It's time to reclaim your relationship with your business. With The AgenShe Club's weekly exercises + practical shifts, you'll learn how to tune into your intuition, make bold changes to your business boundaries, strengthen your self-trust, and market yourself in a sustainable way.

You want to scale your business and...

Feel good in your skin

Grow the relationships that matter

Trim down your to-do list

What's inside the clubhouse

Weekly emails with tools you can use today to align your work + self using smart business strategies and nervous system care

Vermillion—a mini magazine to help you scale a better business that prioritizes your unique needs

Members only workshop library to give you practical business strategies when you need them most.


Library of 80+ past trainings, videos, journaling prompts and more you can dive into right away

I’m Hunter, founder of The AgenShe and creator of this club.

In 2018, I’d built the 6-figure agency of my dreams—except I actually hated it, was working 60 hours a week or more to keep it afloat, and was totally burnt out. Oops.


Which is how I found myself hospitalized with half of my body paralyzed, on bedrest for 5 months as I tried to manage the chronic illness I’d gotten from being so chronically stressed.


It took a lot of time, tears, and experimentation for me to rebuild The AgenShe into a business I felt good to show up for. Along the way, I began sharing my experience through weekly letters containing tips, strategies, and shifts I tried. 


Now, The AgenShe is a thriving marketing consulting firm that has exceeded any revenue goal I ever set before. Even more important, I’m able to show up in intentional, low-energy-investment ways that honor my nervous system and desires.



I want that for you too.

Join me?

The AgenShe Club is just $22/month. $22 for your first year for new members. Cancel any time you like.

Join the club for just $22

"When I feel clueless about what the heck I’m doing, I just go to Hunter to point me in the right direction. She has great ideas and insight, and never fails to deliver 110%." 

Cathryn L.
Professional Organizer

Learn how to reshape your business to attract dreamy clients (and protect your nervous system) for less than $1/day.

+Weekly email
+Monthly issue of VERMILLION magazine
+Members only access to services & past content


+No extra busy work you don’t need
+No Facebook group
+No one-size-fits-all formulas (that really fit no one)

All for just $22/month $22 for your first year for new subscribers!

Know this is the place for you?

Come on in, our doors are open.

Are you tired of being told to do more in order to earn more?

This space was made for you.

I’m talking a cozy, bras-optional, #realtalk encouraged, snacks at the ready club where you can hang out and just be you. This is the kind of place where you’re allowed to be messy and vulnerable—and to have wildly big ambitions.

Inside The AgenShe Club, you’ll connect with a way of doing business that cares for your body and heart alongside your bank account.

A place where you can get support for exponentially growing your social media presence… or quitting it entirely.
Where conversations about expanding your mindset and taking care of your physical body are as common as tips for marketing your business.

Where you can get concrete guidance + support for setting the boundaries you need to thrive in your work.
I get that 6-figures is nothing if you feel burnt out and exhausted all the time. (Been there, got the hospital stay + chronic illness to show for it)

Here's a tiny peek inside...

Finally free to focus

The AgenShe Club is for you if you...

  • Have a service-based business—and you're ready for it to be booked out with clients you love
  • Feel like everyone else has more energy, capacity, and ability to show up
  • Resist visibility + selling... even though that's totally killing your goals
  • Know your service is amazing—but can't figure out how to call clients in consistently (without burning out)
  • Have a lived experience that affects your ability to do what you want in your business (parenting, chronic illness, neurodivergence, trauma, caregiving)


How can I get the most value out of this club?

I don't believe in buying anything (even if it's less than $1/day) that I'm not going to use, and I’m guessing it’s the same for you. To transform your business with The AgenShe Club, you'll need...

  • A journal + pen you love. You'll use them on the regular. If you don’t like journaling, a voice memo app on your phone works too.
  • 30 minutes a week to implement the emails
  • A belief that you are worth taking care of—even when it means taking unconventional action (if this belief makes you uncomfortable, join the club and watch your beliefs evolve)
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