Set better boundaries with your business.

Welcome to the clubhouse that teaches you to do business that feels better—while still making bank.

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You want to scale your business and...

Make peace with yourself

Grow the relationships that matter

Trim down your to-do list

Growing your business can feel cozy—like coming home to yourself. We'll teach you how.

What's inside the clubhouse

Weekly emails with shifts you can make today to align your work + self using strong boundaries

Private Instagram community to help you scale a better business + group chat with fellow members

Monthly workshops to help you learn profitable marketing strategies + business tactics that support your boundaries

"When I feel clueless about what the heck I’m doing, I just go to Hunter to point me in the right direction. She has great ideas and insight, and never fails to deliver 110%."

Cathryn L.
Professional Organizer

Aren't you ready to feel better about your business?

Take our free class, where you'll learn 5 ways your business can thrive, even when life has you way down. We're talking profit with time for naps, babe.

Learn how to set business boundaries that attract dreamy clients (and save your mental health) for less than $1/day.


Know this is the place for you?

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Aren't you tired of being told to do more in order to earn more?

This space is for you.

I’m talking a cozy, bras-optional, #realtalk encouraged, snacks at the ready place where you can hang out and just be you.

This is the kind of place where you’re allowed to be messy and vulnerable—and to dream big. Where your friends are after mental health and massive profit.

Somewhere you are seen, loved, and safe in all of your imperfections, mistakes, and weirdness (look we know you’re hiding a bizarre number of woodland creature holiday decorations in those organized closets!).

A place where you can get support for exponentially growing your social media presence… or quitting it entirely.

Where conversations about unblocking your mindset and taking care of yourself are as common as tips for marketing your business.

A club where your girlfriends get that 6-figures is nothing if you feel sleazy or fraudy all the time… and that panic attacks should not be your norm.

Where you can get concrete guidance + support for setting the boundaries your business needs to thrive.

Want a look at what it's like inside? Take our free class on 5 ways to thrive in business, even when life has you way down.

Take the free class

Start creating the business you always wanted today.

Take our free class, where you'll learn 5 ways your business can thrive, even when life has you way down. Because growing a business doesn't have to come at the expense of you.

Meet Hunter, your club guide.

If you’re more into profesh credentials, she’s also been a copywriter + marketing strategist since 2008, and has trained hundreds of biz babes. She’s known for her magic knack for creating a business that feels like pleasure, developing marketing strategies that build profitable relationships, and reminding you how ease-filled it can be to grow a business you love.

Hunter founded The AgenShe in May 2018 after working as a one-woman brand for 4 years, and many prior years as as a copywriter and marketing manager for agencies and independent businesses. 

Most of all, she's about creating a space where it's safe to set strong boundaries with your business and care for your mental health.  You deserve to work in a way that is supportive of who you are, so that you can feel loved and held by your business—instead of drained and stressed out.

Step inside the club, for free.

Come sit on our porch & pour a glass of lemonade. 🍋In our free class, you'll learn 5 ways your business can thrive, even when life has you way down.


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